Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Posted on 5th January, 2015


We can sing these words worry free this year if we follow the energy saving advice in this article. The season has changed, bells are ringing, hopefully the turkey isn’t burning, and well, the temperatures have dropped. You may have noticed a little blast of cold air as you walk by windows and doors, and that cold air is costing you financially! Oklahoma homebuilders want everyone to have an energy efficient home in Oklahoma this year.  To keep you warmer and a little less broke, we have a list of quick and cheap improvements, as well as some pricier (but worth it!) long-term investments that will ultimately save you money.


Quick and Inexpensive:

~ Choke your Chimney (cost: free) - A tightly closed damper prevents up to 8 percent of heated air from going up the chimney.

~ Seal Air Leaks ($30-$50) - Sealing leaks on all windows and doors can save up to 10 percent on energy bills.

~ Service your heating system (cost: $75-$100) - Furnace tune-ups can save up to 10 percent on heating bills because your unit will work more efficiently.

~ Seal ductwork (cost: approximately $7 per roll) Wrap any leaks with duct mastic, this reduces air leakage 15-30 percent which can significantly reduce heating costs.

~ Install a programmable thermostat (cost: $50-$250) - Once installed and used with the four pre-programmed temperature settings, you can expect to save about $100 dollars per year.


Pricier, but Worth It:

~ Replace old appliances with Energy Star appliances.  Costs can range anywhere from $250 to $1000 dollars, but you can also look for a tax break from the IRS.

~ Insulate your attic. The cost can run about $300 dollars or more, but you can expect to save up to 30 percent on your energy bills.

~ Purchase an energy-efficient electric water heater or a tankless hot water heater. This will cost $250 to $1000 dollars, or more, but you can expect savings of about 20 percent on water heating bills.

~ Add storm windows for around $75 dollars each, and you can reduce heat loss by 25 percent or more.


Even by using just one of these energy saving tips, you can look forward to lower utility bills and reduced energy usage throughout the winter.  Of course, if you’re looking for a complete upgrade, a new home from the top OKC certified green homebuilders, which are independently tested and certified, can save you up to 50 percent in energy costs!

Guest Post Courtesy of Home and Remodel sponsor, Manchester Green Homes in Oklahoma City

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