Gift Giving Guide for the New Homeowners

Posted on 28th November, 2014

Ah, Black Friday… the day that actually seems to start on Thursday, now, and fills us up with sleep-deprived delirium, excitement for the holidays, and a shopping hangover. And, of course, there’s the worry over buying the perfect gifts for those special people in your life. Well, if anyone on your list is a new homeowner, we’ve got some great ideas to help alleviate some of that anxiety.

1) A Home Owner’s Manual – This is a great reference tool for troubleshooting those unexpected malfunctions in the home. It’s also handy for knowing when to perform routine maintenance and what you should do yourself as opposed to calling in a professional.

2) Monogrammed Doormat – Why not give something that’s more personalized and helps them welcome guests into their new home?

3) Local Hardware Store Gift Card – It’s inevitable… even in a brand new custom home, a DIY project is bound to come up. Help them take care of that expense before it happens. Even better if you support your local business owner in doing so!

4) Framed New Home Sketch – Did you know you can transform photos into a sketch with Photoshop? Framing a transformed picture of their home would be a fabulous unique idea.

5) Meal Kit – Make dinnertime easy with a big stockpot, a nice ladle, and a vintage jar filled with a just-add-water soup mix. Try one of these for a definite hit!

6) Pet Treats – Are your loved ones more concerned with feeding their pets well than themselves? Fill a nice jar with specialty treats. Maybe “tie” an appropriately sized holiday collar around the jar and top it with a new toy instead of a bow.

7) Customized Wine – A bottle (or case, if they’re really good friends) of their preferred wine with a specially made label is always a nice idea. Include their name, address, and closing or moving date to mark this momentous occasion. Click here for a good example.

8) House Cleaning Kit – Does anyone really enjoy house cleaning? Probably not, but you could make it a little more pleasant by stocking their supply for them. Try a big bucket filled with eco-friendly sponges and dust cloths, chemical free all-purpose cleaners, toilet scrub brush, and scented candles or air fresheners.

9) Fancy Fire Extinguishers – There’s nothing pretty about your typical fire extinguisher, but it’s so important to keep one easily accessible. Why not get a decorative one that they won’t want to tuck away out of sight? See some good options here.

10) Things-You-Never-Have-When-You-Need-It Basket – You know… scotch tape, duct tape, super glue, pushpins, pens. You get the idea. Buy a plastic storage bin (also quite useful) and fill it up with those things that everyone hates making an impromptu trip to the store for.

Hopefully, these ideas can help you check an item or two off that Christmas shopping list, while keeping you from having a financial meltdown. ‘Tis the season, right?

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